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Scent Enjoyment In Charms Of The Island Mali Lošinj

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ISLAND OF LOSINJ - in the Kvarner Bay is located Cres - Losinj archipelago, the largest one in the Adriatic sea, with a total of 36 islands, islets, reefs and cliffs. In the distant past, Islands of Cres and Losinj were actualy a single island that, for the needs of trade and amber route, used by traders for transporting goods to Europe, was separated artificially by a canal 11 meters wide at Osor. Till 19th century Lošinj was developed into one of the leading regional naval forces with six shipyard, and town of Mali Lošinj in, after Trieste, second most important harbour in the Adriatic. People from Losinj have always been appreciated for their skills in construction of sail boats, as well as the best sailors in the Mediterranean.


Arrival to Losinj. Accommodation in hotel. Dinner. Overnight.*

The beginings of tourism on Losinj date back in year 1885. when as the original form of tourism on the island appeared – health tourism. Thanks to the exceptional climate characteristics, in 1892. Losinj was declared as a health resort, and the mild climate of the island is reflected in a large variety of plant species. So far, on the island has been identified 1018 species, of which 230 species are herbs, 939 belong to the autochtonuous flora species, and 80 species of exotic plants were mostly brought by Losinj captains and sailors from other parts of the world.


After breakfast meeting with local guide and departure to the Garden of Scents. After visiting the garden,  continue for a walk through forest park Cikat. Going down, the path leads to town Mali Lošinj. Visit and afterworths free time for own arrangements. Return to hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

Islands Garden of Scents - in the very centre of mali Lošinj is situated a real paradise of scents – a Mediterranean garden where visitors can learn about plant diversity of the island – fragrant herbs, fruits, citrus fruits that grow on the island.
Garden extends to around 3500 square meters, and by walking through it one can get to know the entire island's herb treasures and healing aromatic plant species.

LOSINJ FLORA - due to its specific climate here succeed plantations belonging to the southern Dalmatian and Sicily world. Here we can find agavas, Mexican cactus, palms, magnolia, myrtles, pistachios, mimosas, fig trees from India and all kinds of citrus fruits. Vegetation on the island is rish during all four seasons, a dense pine forest is a symbol of Losinj, and its green belt  protecting the town and port against strong winds like 'bura'.

LOSINJ FAUNA - Island of Losinj is a home to small lizards - geckos. What is interesting is that the island, inhabited by numerous species of lizards and snakes - has no poisonous snakes. Here we can meet many types of small game, and from larger animals most common are deers and mouflons.

The island is also full of wild fowls, and from domestic animals – the largest number belongs to sheeps. However, the animal with whose presence Losinj particulary boasts – a symbol of the island – the dolphin. These most popular marine mammals are also an excellent biological indicators of the environment conditions in which they live. Dolphin communities that inhabit the sea around the islands of Cres and Losinj has about 150 dolphins, and Losinj's Dolphin Reserve is the first protected marine area dedicated to the dolphins in the Mediterranean. In 1995. dolphins have beed declared, in Croatia, as specially proteced animal species.


After breakfast, an easy walk along path Lungomare takes us to Veli Losinj, followed by a short walking tour of the town and a visit to Losinj Marine Education Center. After a visit to the center, some free time before continuing with the programme and taking a walk on footpath 'The dolphins trail'. Lunch in rural household. Taking the path back to Mali Losinj or returning back to Veli Losinj.** Return to hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

LUNGOMARE promenades follow the coast of the island, passing by many bays through centuries old pine forest. One of such promenades connects towns Mali and Veli Losinj. Walking lasts cca 30 minutes.

VELI LOSINJ - a small town located on south-east side of the island beneath St. John's hill. Velo Selo ('large village'), as it was once called, used to be bigger than Mali Losinj ('Small Losinj') which outgrow him due to its location and sea business. So actualy, today, these two towns carry names (large and small) that are the exact opposite to their real size.

MARINE EDUCATION CENTER - place of permanent work to raise public awareness and promote environmental protection and dolphins protection. In addition to the permanent display, center features are constantly upgraded with various presentations and activities through which visitors learn about the dolphins life, but also recive information about life of other different sea animalas and entire sea ekosystem.

THE DOLPHINS TRAIL - one of the most beautiful hiking trails through the island. Walking this path by the sea one can get to know the hidden coves and scents of the island. The path is called ' the dolphins trail' as it is not unusual to see, in the open sea, these nice playful animals that also often prefer to approach the coast and visitors.

Day 4 OSOR - LUBENICE - VALUN - Cres marvelous triptych

After breakfast departure, with a local guide, for Osor. After visiting Osor continue for Martisnicu from where a hiking trail leads to LUBENICA.*** Free time for lunch. Going down the path to VALUN. After visiting Valun, return to hotel by coach. Dinner. Overnight.

OSOR - a town connecting both islands by bridge. A town in whose stone, a 4000 years long history of the islands Losinj and Cres is inscribed. A town that, at the time when these two islands were one unit, was their most important center. A town – an open air museum!

LUBENICE - a unique place located on an impressive steep cliff overlooking the open sea and providing a breathtaking view. Medieval fortress that risses on the top of the cliff 378 meters high is the jewel of Croatian rural architecture.

VALUN - a picturesque fisherman's village, famous for its Glagolitic heritage. Here was found 'Valun board' one of the oldest Glagolitic monuments in Croatia, which dates from the 11th century. Here is also located a Glagolitic lapidary that shows copies of the oldest Glagolitic inscriptions from Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia.

Day 5 With filled senses of scent and taste we say goodbye to Losinj!

* Depending on time of arrival in Losinj guests can make a walk around one of the island's walking trails.

** Dolphins trail – climbing and descending half and hour to rural household. There are two options of return: return back to Veli Losinj duration cca 1 hour or descending to Mali Losinj for more demanding ones duration cca 2.5 hours.

*** From Martisnica hiking trail leads to Lubenice (duration cca 3h), descending to Valun on pedestrain path (duration 1.5h)

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