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Tučepi guide


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Tučepi is a small town and municipality in the Split-Dalmatia County of Croatia. It is located on the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia known as Makarska riviera, about 5 km southeast of Makarska. It is a popular tourist destination thanks to its glorious coastline, its opportunities for sports and its excellent accommodation.

The beach

Tučepi beach stretches for nearly 4 kilometers, which makes it one of the longest beaches on the Makarska Riviera. It is a pebble beach with fine pebble in the shallow sea. The sea is exceptionally clean and clear and swimming here is a true pleasure. There are various beach equipment rentals on the beach. A lovely promenade stretches above the entire beach and you can find entertainment here in case you get bored on the beach.

If you want to change ambient, there is a place called Podgora nearby with a wonderful beach there. Also, there is another interesting tourist destination near Podgora – Igrane. Wonderful beaches stretch here for miles everywhere you look.

Sightseeing and attractions

It is an interesting fact that most of Tučepi population lived in villages above modern Tučepi only 50 years ago. After a disastrous earthquake in 1962 and difficult life in the past, most of the population moved to the coast and established a new town called Kraj, today known as Tučepi. Adriatic highway connected places beneath the Biokovo mountain and tourism developed. It still remains the most important branch of Tučepi economy.

 In Gornji Tučepi there’s a wonderful Church of St Anthony of Padua (Sv. Ante Padovanski), built at the beginning of the 20th ct. A stone staircase leads to this church on a hill. This place, called Srid sela (village center) was the center of village life until 1962.

Not far from Gornji Tučepi there is a gateway to one of the most wonderful nature parks in Croatia – Biokovo. The highest peak of Biokovo Mountain, St Jure is 1762 meters high. We recommend a hiking trip to Biokovo, but be careful and bring all the required supplies, equipment and clothing.



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