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Rovinj guide


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Rovinj is a beautiful small town, a pearl of Istrian peninsula, with a tumultuous history and beautiful present. Located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, it is a popular tourist resort and an active fishing port.

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The beach

The most popular beaches are in Lone cove and on Zlatni rt (Golden Cove). There are pebble beaches in the camp several kilometers from the town center and they offer a pretty good choice of activities and equipment. There are several beaches where dogs are allowed and are marked with special signs, some of which are Lone Cove, Cuvi Cove and Borik-Figarola cove.

Rovinj is an ideal diving destination. Some 8 nautical miles from Rovinj, there is one of the most famous shipwrecks in the Adriatic Sea – Baron Gautsch. Since it’s well preserved with lively marine life in and around it, you can also dive inside the wreck.

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Sightseeing and attractions

There are several places we recommend visiting. There is an interesting museum called “Batana House” which tells a story of an ancient boat which is still part of everyday life in Rovinj. This eco-museum contains Batana boats and fishing tools and equipment. Batana is a boat protected by UNESCO for its traditional characteristic shape.

Rovinj panorama is dominated by the bell tower of the Church of St Euphemia which is 60 meters high.

Defensive walls of Rovinj were built in the 7th century. The town had seven gates and three of them are preserved to this day. At the place where outer town gates used to stand, baroque Balbi’s Arch was built in the 7th ct., today’s main entrance in the Old town.

We also recommend taking a 15-minute boat ride to one of the most romantic islands in the Adriatic Sea – the Red Island. Huetterott family bought the island in 1891 and they redecorated the old island Benedictine monastery into a villa. They planted various plants and trees from all over the world and turned it into a proper botanical garden.

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The marketplace

Since Rovinj has a long fishing tradition, the choice of fish on the marketplace is extremely rich, from all kinds of mussels, crustaceans, top-quality fish to more affordable sardines and sprats. There is a very rich choice of local Istrian specialties; honey, truffels, olive oil, homemade brandy called medica etc…

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