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Pag guide


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Pag is an island whose landscape reminds of the surface of the Moon and which is almost entirely covered in sea salt that bura wind brings in from the Velebit Channel – Pag Island. The simplest way to reach Pag is from Zadar, across the Pag bridge. You can also arrive by ferry from Prizna mainland port to Žigljen ferry port on Pag.

The beach

The main town beach is quite big with fine pebble. The sea is very warm and salty, which makes it pretty interesting. It is of wonderful blue-green color and exceptionally clean. There are several bars at the beach and some additional services.

Definitely the most famous beach on the island is one in Zrće bay. It is a large bay near Novalja, on the northeastern part of the island. It is a pebble beach and it is famous worldwide as a paradise for young party people who want to have a good time. There are several excellent clubs on the beach with parties all day and all night long. Novalja Town became the tourist center of Pag and it attracts young people from all over the world.

Sightseeing and attractions

On the main square there is the Duke’s Palace with Pag Lace Gallery in the ground floor. Lace-making is a very old traditional craft in Pag and its beginnings date back to the 15th ct. Some suggest that it roots go back to the Greek town of Mycene.

You should visit the biggest salt works on Pag where famous Pag salt is produced. Sea salt is extracted from seawater by evaporation of water in shallow pools. The best salt is called Salt Flower and it can be found on warm days in a thin layer on water surface when it is scooped by hand with wooden shovel.

There is an interesting Salt museum in former salt facilities in Pag Town dedicated to this interesting product. Here, you can see tools and devices used to collect and transport salt in the past.

One of the well-known products from Pag is definitely the famous Pag cheese. Pag island is specific for very scant grass resources. The grass is very salty because of the sea salt carried all over the island by bura wind. Sheep that graze this grass and aromatic herbs give specific kind of milk. Except for Pag cheese, various sheep, goat and cow cheese sorts are produced here. Pag curd is a special delicacy. You can also try and buy cheese here.



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