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Biograd na Moru guide

Biograd na Moru

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Biograd na Moru is an interesting little tourist town surrounded with nature parks and reserves on all sides. Biograd, town and port in north Dalmatia, is situated 28 km south from Zadar. On its northern side is Bošana cove, and on its southern side is Soline. Across the town are islands Planac and St. Katarina.

The beach

On the main beach Dražica there are many wonderful cafés and lounge bars. There is a very rich offer of pancakes-to-go at low prices. You can also find some very affordable fast food restaurants at the beach. Of course, choice of ice-cream and refreshments is excellent as well. You can choose from large variety of beach equipment rentals such as deck chairs and parasols. Kids will enjoy water slides and numerous playgrounds, climbing devices, trampolines, water parks and other attractions.

Soline beach is a shallow cove with sandy bottom and it mostly attracts children because it is perfect for playing games in shallow water.

The beaches are wonderful and very tidy and clean. Rich offer of various activities, food and equipment for very affordable prices everyone can afford is a good recipe for keeping tourists at the beach and make them not want to leave before the evening comes.

Sightseeing and attractions

Biograd na Moru is an old Croatian royal town and it was first mentioned in the mid-10th ct. In the 11th ct. it was the seat of Croatian kings and bishops, and in 1102 Croato-Hungarian king Koloman was crowned here. Biograd was under Venetian rune from 15th to 18th century.

In the 18th ct the Parish church of St Stošija (Anastasia) was built on the remains of Biograd Cathedral. Its bell tower dominates entire Biograd landscape. Near the church, there are ruins of the Basilica of St John Baptist. This used to be Benedictine monastery built by Croatian king Petar Krešimir IV in the 11th century.

Development of tourism began in the 1920s, and the Czech were the first guests. The first hotel was built at the location of today’s Ilirija in 1935. In 2007 Biograd was awarded the Silver Flower of Europe, a prestigious award for landscape and exterior decoration.

We definitely recommend visiting Biograd Town Museum where you can see interesting collections presenting town history. A special attraction is history collection “Sunken 16th century ship cargo”. It contains over 10 000 items recovered from the sunken Venetian trading ship.

Don’t miss taking a walk around picturesque little towns and villages along Biograd Riviera – Sveti Filip i Jakov, Turanj, Sveti Petar na moru, and enjoy the view of numerous little islands – Pašman and Vrgada.


Biograd market is always a very lively place and it offers wonderful local products. Fruit and vegetables are mostly grown and sold by local people and you will find the best sweet tomatoes here. Prices are affordable in high season and you can find all ingredients you need to prepare your meal.



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