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Baška guide


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Baška lies on the southernmost part of Krk Island, in a beautiful bay, surround with vineyards and olive trees, with picturesque scene of Velebit mountain and Prvić island behind it, and a unique beach, one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic coast.


The beach

Vela plaža is the most famous beach on Krk Island in Baška. The beach is of natural formation and it is 1800 meters long. The sea is turquoise and big waves are not rare. The sea isn’t too deep and the bottom is covered in sand. The beach offers large variety of activities and beach equipment rentals of all kinds. You can rent paddle boats, windsurfing equipment, deck chairs, parasols and other beach accessories. A big slide is the most popular tourist attraction. There is a big campsite right above the beach, and the beach is often very crowded. Tourists that bring their pets with them on vacation will be happy to know that part of this beach is reserved for dogs.

Sightseeing and attractions

Archeological remains from the Roman period were found next to the Church of St Mark. There are remains of a Roman mosaic and a 5th ct basilica underneath the chapel. Baška was founded in 418 on the hill of St Ivan (John), above modern Baška.

Baška fortress was built in 1231, and it was destroyed by the Venetians in 1380. Today, the Church of St John the Baptist and local graveyard are situated at the same location. In a place called Jurandvor there is St Lucy’s Church where one of the most important Glagolithic monuments was found – Bašćanska ploča (Baška Tablet). This is a white 800kg limestone block with Glagolithic inscription with first mention of a Croatian ruler in Croatian language – King Zvonimir. The tablet was found in 1851, built in the church floor. Today, the original is displayed in the Croatian Academy of Art and Science in Zagreb, and there is a copy in St Lucy’s Church.

From Treskavac gorge in Baška valley to the Old seaside promenade in the Baška port there is unique stone sculpture path – Baška Glagolithic path.

In the center of Baška there is a Local museum where you can see traditional costumes of the area, old kitchenware and utilities. We also suggest visiting the late 19th ct Ethno house nerby which contains exhibits that were donated or borrowed by the inhabitants of Baška valley.



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